Course Details

>>  Certificate direct from Awarding Body
>>  Course Transcript direct from Awarding Body
>>  Internationally-recognized qualification
>>  Personal tutor support throughout your course
>>  Downloadable course materials
>>  Includes a module on teaching Young Learners
>>  No set start dates and no time limit
>>  Preference for jobs at our English Language Schools
>>  Sign up with a friend and get 10 % off each
295 EUR

This is an INTESOL Worldwide course accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) and delivered by Anglo Centres TEFL as an official INTESOL training centre.


A 120-hour Certificate in TEFL is the minimum accepted qualification to Teach English as a Foreign Language worldwide.

With our Online TEFL-TESOL certificate courses you will learn about the methods and practice of teaching, including designing activities and working through real-life scenarios. The result is that you will graduate with the knowledge and professionalism that will place you a step ahead of your competition.

While other courses set out to get you through the units as quickly as possible at Anglo Centres TEFL we strive to deliver quality courses that prepare you thoroughly as a TEFL-TESOL teacher - we commit to our students all the way through. That's the Anglo Centres TEFL difference.

How the course works

Students are assigned an online tutor who will be there at all times to support and guide you throughout the course. Communication between students and online tutors is mainly via email although telephone tutorials can also be arranged. Once the registration process is complete the students can download the course materials into their computers and start work.

One of the advantages of taking an online TEFL-TESOL Certificate course such as this is its flexibility: you can work at your own pace and have no deadlines for submitting your work.

As you advance through the course units you will be receiving valuable feedback from your online tutor. It is not necessary to be online to work on the course. When you are ready to send in your materials all you need to do is attach your work to an e-mail.

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Course Aims

The overall aim of this ONLINE 120-hour-plus course is to provide a good introduction to the Methodology and Practice of TESOL-TEFL for those who are unfamiliar with the profession.

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Course Contents

This Online TEFL-TESOL Certificate course consists of five separate units comprising a total of eleven modules that explore the most basic and important issues and principles in English Language Teaching. The course is predominantly practical and through a series of practical tasks asks you to reflect on how to apply methodologies and theories to day-to-day practice.


The course includes a module on TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) that will prepare you for the Young Learners classroom. In today's world, where most employers seek candidates who are qualified to teach young learners, this can be particularly advantageous.

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Course Evaluation

Your progress will be continually evaluated. There are no exams. As you continue to improve in your teaching abilities your grade will continue to evolve to reflect your professional growth.

Certificates bear the final average grade:

 A1 - Distinction
 A2 - Excellent
 B1 - Very Good
 B2 - Good
 C -   Pass

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Course Length

This TEFL-TESOL Certificate course is estimated at 120 hours. The length of time required to complete the course varies from person to person. If you dedicate yourself to the course fully, for example an average of three hours a day, you can finish in less than two weeks. Most people, however, due to other life and professional commitments can only work on the course four or five hours a week and take between six and eight weeks to finish. In any case there are no time limits for completing your course as we understand that eventualities come up.

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Course Qualifications

Shortly after you successfully complete the online course, you will receive INTESOL Worldwide's

120 Hour Certificate in TEFL with TEYL and a course transcript.


The 120 Hour Certificate in TEFL with TEYL is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based awarding body that specializes in English Language Teaching.

However, your real award will not be a mere piece of paper. Your award will be a possession of the skills, experience and confidence to go out anywhere in the world and successfully teach other learners the English language.

At Anglo Centres TEFL, you graduate with more than just a certification to teach, you graduate as a professional educator.

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Course Dates and Fees

You may start your course as soon as your course fees have been paid.

Click HERE for details on course dates and fees.

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Finding employment after your course!

Anglo Centres TEFL is an official training centre for INTESOL WORLDWIDE, a highly respected international organization with branches all over the world. Thanks to their support and their numerous connections with schools and recruiting agencies we can provide guidance that may land you the job you are looking for.

If you would like to live and teach in Spain you have the opportunity to work for Anglo Centres. We recruit new teachers every year for our Adult, Young Learner and Business English courses.

Priority is given to our graduates so you may well end up teaching at one of our centres!

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Accredited TESOL Course