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Train online at your own pace and earn an internationally-recognized teaching qualification.
Alternatively, take a Combined Course consisting of an Online Phase followed by a Teaching Practice block which will allow you to teach real students of English whilst living by the Spanish Mediterranean Sea.

The following are INTESOL Worldwide courses accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) and delivered by
Anglo Centres TEFL as an official INTESOL training centre.


>> Internationally-recognized qualification
>> Downloadable course materials
>> Personal tutor support throughout your course
>> No set start dates and no time limit
>> Preference for jobs at our English Language Schools
Online TEFL


>> Internationally-recognized qualification
>> Online phase followed by a Teaching Practice block
>> Teaching practice with real students of English
>> No set start dates and no time limit
>> Train by the Spanish Mediterranean Sea
>> Preference for jobs at our English Language Schools
4 Week and Combined TEFL
ACTDEC Teach English Worldwide

TESOL Spain and TEFL Spain

Who wouldn’t like a break from the arduous nine to five? How about a career that offers travelling the world as a part of the job description? TEFL is considered to be one of the few ways to achieve two of the most desired things at the same time: travelling the world to your heart’s content and developing a successful career.

If you do some research on TEFL teaching, you are bound to come across many individuals who have found employment in their favourite holiday destinations after successfully completing the relevant study programs. What we have to offer are a complete range of fully accredited TEFL qualifications to choose from.

The Best TEFL Courses Spain has to Offer

There are many ways to find TEFL courses in Spain. If you are on the lookout for TESOL Spain or TEFL Spain learning opportunities, why not start shaping your future as a travelling teacher with Anglo Centres? Selecting to study TEFL in Spain will put you in the middle of a picturesque landscape strewn with historic landmarks and travel opportunities unlike any other. Our TEFL courses in Spain come in different forms in order to allow you to make a choice to either study on site or to start your program online and then complement it with a residential phase, depending on the amount of time you are willing to spend and your pace of learning.

Which TEFL Courses in Spain to Choose?

Finding the perfect fit for you from our wide list of TEFL in Spain study options might not be as easy as you might want it to be. This is why we make sure that all the necessary information about each and every TEFL course is presented to you.

Here at Anglo Centres we have a full range of TEFL Spain and TESOL Spain courses for you to select from. From short term foundation courses and online study plans all the way to full time qualifications, offered on-site at beautiful España itself.

The Best Provider of TEFL in Spain

Students of the TEFL courses that we have to offer come in search of quality education as well as a chance to experience Spain. Here at Anglo Centres, we offer online programs as well as on site and combined TEFL courses in Spain that will do much more than provide a paper qualification. What we offer our students are lessons that will allow them to successfully develop their own style of teaching. Since we are dealing with a highly competitive trade, our students need to be able to handle themselves well as they are released out in to the field.

We consider ourselves a TEFL course provider with a difference as we pay special attention to helping you find employment after the course has been completed. From finding out how to face even the toughest interviewer all the way to information on potential employers from all around the world, Anglo Centres will make sure that you are presented with all the necessary assistance to find your dream job.

TEFL Barcelona and TEFL Madrid

Once you have completed the relevant TEFL qualification, you will have little trouble finding TEFL Barcelona or TEFL Madrid employment opportunities. Being two of the most sought after tourist destinations in Spain as well as the world, the openings to find TEFL Barcelona and TEFL Madrid teaching opportunities would come with the added bonus of meeting new people and enjoying the many travelling pleasures that the cities have to offer.

Becoming properly certified by recognized governing bodies is extremely important when it comes to finding a teaching job, regardless of the country. At Anglo Centres, we are proud to mention that the TEFL courses that we provide are up to the high standards set by the likes of ACTDEC and LCCI. This means that, once you are qualified with a TEFL course, you will not have to worry about finding a teaching position at a language school at a city of your choice. In addition to high quality accredited courses, we also offer lifelong job guidance to help you make the most of your qualification even after you have left Anglo Centres. This is your chance to find the best TEFL courses Spain has on offer and start your journey towards a brighter future.

The Best Online TEFL Schools

TEFL is an industry that is highly competitive yet rewarding enough to attract hundreds and thousands of students to study the art of improving the English standards of foreign students. There are several ways to master the art of teaching the international language to students of little or no English background. However, when it comes to the selection of your ideal method, make sure that you pick a school that is properly accredited by the relevant professional governing bodies. Since there are many ways to actually learn and develop the skills to teach English to foreign students, it is the selection of the ideal course provider that you need to pay attention to.

Find a TEFL Training Course Spain

You need to make sure to select online TEFL schools with the utmost care as there is a massive amount of variation among the hundreds of course providers out there. At Anglo Centres, we are fully aware of the varied requirements and the different capabilities of each student. This is why we offer you the option to either select your ideal TEFL training course as a residency program in Spain or to settle for on-line TEFL training.

On-line TEFL Training at its Best

At Anglo Centres, we have several options for on-line TEFL training. While being fully accredited by the relevant governing bodies, we, as one of the most prominent online TEFL schools, are fully capable of offering online courses that are just as informative as any residency TEFL training course Spain we have.

Are you on the lookout for the best TEFL Training course Spain has to offer? Why not contact us and find out more about the many different study options, discounts and special offers we have for all you hopeful TEFL teachers. Make the right choice to pave your way towards a brighter future with Anglo Centres!