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Teach English Worldwide is formed by teachers, course directors, and other TEFL / TESOL professionals from all over the world who constantly compile and update the information on this website. Our mission is simple:

“To provide clear unbiased advice to those seeking to start a career as a TEFL or TESOL teacher”

Whether you are a recent college graduate, someone changing careers, or a retiree looking for a way to travel affordably, you will find useful information on this site.

Over the years, visitors to our site have been asking us to recommend TEFL / TESOL training courses that adapt to their needs and goals. Finally, we can provide answers to such requests. Our partnership with Anglo Centres TEFL, a reputable TEFL / TESOL training organization with several English Language Schools and over 25 years’ experience in the field of education, has made it possible for us to offer you a wide range of internationally-recognized TEFL / TESOL qualifications.

English is currently the most popular “second language” in the world. Its unquestioned position as the lingua franca of international business, media, science, education, and politics has spurred millions of people across the globe to learn this once marginal language. The resultant worldwide boom in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) has meant that native English speakers (and non-native speakers with a good grasp of the language) are in demand almost everywhere. Teach English Worldwide is committed to helping you take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.

However, do not assume that simply because you speak English you are ready to pack your bags and start teaching immediately. In fact, the growing popularity of English language instruction has led to more professionalism within the ranks of English teachers. As a result, anyone serious about teaching English overseas usually enrolls in a TEFL / TESOL Certificate Course or other professional teacher-training program. The dizzying array of these courses currently available can be intimidating, but Teach English Worldwide can assist you – our “TEFL / TESOL Training Courses” section discusses all of your options and helps you make the best choice based on your individual goals and circumstances.

You will also need to decide on a host of other questions before beginning your TEFL / TESOL adventure, including:

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