Why Teach English Abroad?

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If you have found your way to the Teach English Worldwide site, chances are you have already thought about why you want to teach English overseas. However, the English teaching field probably has even more benefits and possibilities than you have realized. Before deciding where you want to teach and what course you are going to take, it is a good idea to articulate your reasons for teaching English, and what you want to get out of the experience. Doing so will make all of your remaining decisions much easier.

The Following is a list of common answers to the question – “Why Teach English”. It is not all-inclusive, but contains many of the common answers given by past and present TEFL / TESOL professionals. Look it over, and spend some time thinking about your own motivations for becoming an overseas English teacher.

  • To Further Your Professional Development – Teaching skills are useful in many settings besides the classroom. In fact, the business world values many abilities that come as second nature for experienced educators, such as public speaking and leadership. Time working as an English teacher abroad also reflects maturity, adaptability, and motivation – all highly sought-after qualities in a wide range of fields. If you plan to pursue an international career (like international business, politics, media, etc.) living in and working within a different culture will be another great resume builder.
  • To Further Your Personal Development – In addition to job skills, teaching English can also help you grow personally. Living and working in other parts of the globe can give you maturity, self-sufficiency, and a more complete worldview. These qualities will be assets for you throughout the rest of your life.
  • To Finance Overseas Travel – Many English teachers share a passion for travel. Teaching English overseas is the perfect job to accommodate this interest. While teaching can be demanding, you will also have plenty of time for travel on the weekends, holidays, summer vacations, etc. In addition, teaching English overseas is a very flexible profession. The field allows you to work almost anywhere in the world, and usually does not require you to stay in one place for more than a year at a time.
  • You Have an Interest in Language Acquisition – Learning another language is a fascinating process. Many overseas English teachers have studied other languages, and have an intellectual and personal interest in processes and methods of language acquisition.
  • You Have an Interest in Other Cultures – If you are someone who is interested in the lives and customs of the rest of the world, then living and working overseas is probably one of your goals. This is often a more challenging experience than being a tourist, but the intimate understanding of the people and culture you will gain will make any difficulties well worth it.